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Visioffice System

Our office is pleased to offer the latest technology in frame and lens fitting: the Visioffice System.  This System allows us to translate the doctor’s prescription into the most personalized set of lenses available for each patient! 


The Visioffice measures a wide range of parameters including all several exclusive measurements that, until now, we have not been able to quantify during the fitting process.   These measurements provide important information that is used to achieve clearest vision with today's sophisticated digital lenses.


In addition, the Visioffice measures how you view objects, near and far.  It enables us to determine whether you are primarily a head or an eye mover (or both!) when you use your progressive lenses. This enables us to design custom-made lenses that match your normal eye and head movement patterns if you choose to take advantage of these lenses.


All of these measurements are taken in the exact frame you have selected so that, again, the lenses are precisely formulated to the way you will be wearing them!!  


 If you’ve ever had trouble seeing how you look in new frames (before your prescription is in them!) you will truly appreciate this feature of the Visioffice:  it can display digital photographs of your face wearing different frames to help you select the frame you like the best. 


Of course, you will still receive personalized attention from our optical staff.   We will discuss with you how you plan to wear each pair of glasses you select in our office and make sure we modify any measurements as needed to design the best lens to accommodate your individual needs. When we understand your visual tasks we can better assist you in obtaining clear comfortable vision for all of your visual requirements  And, with the addition of the Visioffice System technology, the lenses we order can be made more accurately and precisely for each patient.


Vision is clearer and more comfortable through lenses that are designed specifically for you.